Kyle Benton


Kyle is the visionary CEO and Founder of LIME Sports Group. With a unique blend of firsthand athletic experience and business acumen, Kyle brings a comprehensive perspective to the sports marketing industry. His journey began as a Division 1 basketball player at Portland State University and North Carolina Central University, where he earned a spot in the 2017 NCAA “March Madness” Tournament. Kyle’s athletic career extended beyond college as he played professionally overseas in Germany, India, and Spain, gaining invaluable international exposure and insights into the global sports landscape.

Transitioning from athlete to entrepreneur, Kyle pursued advanced education, earning a Master of Arts in Sport Management from Long Beach State University. This academic achievement equipped him with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of the sports business world. His deep understanding of both the athlete’s mindset and the intricacies of sports management has been instrumental in the success of LIME Sports Group. Under Kyle’s leadership, the agency continues to thrive, bridging the gap between athletes and the business of sports with innovative strategies and a commitment to excellence.

John Edgar Jr.


John is a distinguished professional serving as the Director of Athlete Marketing & Business Development at LIME Sports Group. With an impressive background that spans both athletic achievement and executive management, John brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our agency. His journey began as a Division 1 basketball player at the prestigious University of California, Irvine, where he excelled on the court and earned a reputation for his exceptional skills and leadership. Following his collegiate career, John transitioned to professional basketball, further honing his understanding of the sport at the highest levels.

John’s career took a significant turn as he entered the realm of sports management, gaining invaluable experience in the NBA. His tenure in the league provided him with deep insights into the operational and strategic aspects of athlete marketing and business development. Currently, John is advancing his knowledge by completing a Master’s Degree in Sports Marketing & Media from Liberty University. His academic pursuits, combined with his practical experience, enable him to devise innovative marketing strategies and development plans for our athletes. At LIME Sports Group, John’s expertise and dedication are integral to our mission of enhancing the careers of our clients through personalized and effective marketing initiatives.